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About the Photographers

Jack Mazzeo was born into the business of professional photography. He has the distinction
of owning and managing the oldest continuously operating studio in the state of New Jersey,
established in 1946 by his father John W. Mazzeo. He also has trained our third generation photographer, his daughter Deanna. Together the two of them work in the studio as well as on weddings together. Each of them have their specialty. Jack's specialty is fine portraits of families and seniors, while his daughter specializes in babies, children and boudoir.
Jack also has the distinction of being
one of the elite few who hold the title of Master of Photography in this part of the country.
Although Jack grew up around cameras and has been taking pictures his entire adult life
he will still tell anyone who asks him that, he loves it. Capturing the emotions of life and sharing
his perception is his passion. His creative ability has not gone unnoticed in the world of
professional photography. Jack has been inspiring photographers for years to develop their creative
ability and to advance the art of their profession. He has spoken at seminars and conferences around
the state and continues to hold workshops instructing in lighting, posing and technique. His photographs
continue to be awarded top honors when submitted in competition with other professionals around the country.
His work has been displayed in exhibits at Professional Photographers Conventions from the east coast
in the New Jersey, New York area to Chicago, New Orleans, Epcot Center, and Las Vegas and
recently as far as Korea. He has been named, Mr. Professional Photographer, by the state of
New Jersey and has received the prestigious, National Merit Award by The Professional Photographers of America.
Mazzeo Studio takes pride in producing quality portraits on any level as well as
restoring priceless old photographs. On any given day you will find Jack and his staff shooting anything
from babies or sports to weddings and corporate events. Although there may be quite a variety in the
subject matter, one thing never changes and that is the outstanding quality and originality that is
obvious in a Mazzeo Studio photograph. It has been said that, The real mark of a professional is consistency.
There is no question that Mazzeo Studio is one of the finest professional photography studios in the state of New Jersey.